DCI Response to the Indiana LGBT Discrimination Law Was Lame

by Don Dureau
DCI, marching music’s major league, became “marching music’s shame league” this week Thousands sent protest messages and signed petitions to get DCI to support their lgbt marching members, staff and patrons. Other than a lame response saying they want more clarity on the intent of the law, they and all the member corp have been disgracefully silent. Except that the Madison Scouts made a bold statement of support and safety concerning their marching members, staff and patrons. They pointed out they have many gay members , staff and patrons. The Scouts are what all of DCI should be. We await a courageous statement from DCI supporting its LGBT youth marching members , staff and patrons. Nothing less can be acceptable.
If the bill is not repeated or drastically modified the only acceptable action for DCI is to vacate Indiana completely.
I just want to add that since I discovered Drum Corps in 2003 I have become an ardent supporter of DCI and what had become my favorite corps, The Cavaliers. I am extremely disappointed by the silence from the Cavaliers on this issue and the lame response from DCI. The Madison Scouts are what being a leader is all about !

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Chris Hedges and Rev. David Bullock: Christmas Charity and Revolution – Truthdig

Chris Hedges and Rev. Davi

“So, as we talk about Christmas and charity and love and giving and Jesus, the giving that Jesus seems to represent, the love that Jesus seems to represent, at least in the Bible, is love of people that forces you to reject any system that organizes, orders, and backs with military force a force that oppresses those people. And if you’re not opposing that system, you don’t love people. And I think that is what we should be telling people about Jesus during Christmas.”d Bullock: Christmas Charity and Revolution – Truthdig.