Upheavel, not Revolution

I have posted numerous articles forecasting revolution. Some of you have taken that to mean I want a revolution in America. The truth is I think we are a long way from any kind of violent revolution.
What I do think is near is a period of uprisings some of which could be violent. Especially those triggered by income and wealth disparity or income stagnation. I look for this to show up broadly ar.ound the election in 2016.
Unless corporations change their policies and start sharing their wealth with their employees by compensating them in tandem with the cost of living, achievement and by equalizing management and worker pay, they are in for a rough ride. This is happening even without strong unions. This is across the board, not just manufacturing blue collar shops. The patience of the American worker and their tolerance for income stagnation is getting very short. It’s not just a minimum wAge problem it’s a wage stagnation problem that must be addressed. If it’s not addressed soon by the corporations finally realizing that their employees are as important as their stockholders and CEOs, then the government and the citizens will do it for them.

Fighting for Gay Rights Is Fighting for a Strong Middle Class

Gay Americans are fortunate to be able to express their view in public. It is not the case in some parts of this world.  However, gay Americans are, for the most part, wimps when it comes to standing up for their own interest. Yes I said wimps! Anyone who is too lazy, to comfortable, or too worried about their job to not stand up for their rights and those of their fellow LGBT friends, are wimping out. If you think to yourself,”I will let somebody else fight for this one”, you are copping out. No one else will do it. It is up to you. It is up to each and every one of us to fight the good fight for gay marriage and for the overthrow of DADT.

As President Obama said in his inaugural speech, he cannot do it alone. And what he explained to his close followers was that he meant they would have to be out there day in and day out fighting for those things they believed in. Change does not happen in America easily. The forefathers intentionally made it difficult . However, I am not sure they meant for it to be so difficult for minorities to overcome injustice. They actually were trying to protect the minority frm the tyranny of the majority. But the majority has learned how to game the system. They will continue to do so until it is taken away from them. It will never be taken away as long as gay Americans and other minorities continue to act and vote against their own self interest.

We have a two party system in this country. One cannot choose to vote for a party that preaches self control and financial responsibility and at the same time wants to put you in a closet, shut the door, and take your Social Security away from you. One cannot vote for a party the says we believe in the will of the people, even if that will would get you fired for being gay or keep you from marrying who you choose. Once cannot vote for an ideology of low taxes on the wealthy while taking away the safety net of social security for the elderly and robbing the middle class.

The real problem today is that most yourger Americans don’t really understand the power and richness that this people had when the middle class was strong and had a clear voice in Washington. What we require is for Washington to be afraid of us, the people, at every turn. The only way for that to happen is for the people to be strong and stand up for their rights at every turn. No other way exists. The alternative is feudal submission to the rich.

Repubics Pledge to America – RPA – Really Piss Ant

So the GOP comes out this morning promising to repeal the new Health Care Reform Act that we fought so had to get through the Senate. It cost the American taxpayer millions of unnecessary tax money, not because of the  cost of the Health Care Reform Act, but because of Republican obstructionism and delays. It cost more to get it passed, due to their constant obstructions, than any bill in history. Yep, they want to cut spending alright.

What the Republican leadership wants to do is give more money to the rich and do nothing for health care in this country, because they believe the only solution is the free market. The free market has failed us in the Health Care Arena because health care corporations only care about the shareholders, not the patients and not how much the product costs the general public or if they can even afford to pay for health insurance. So now they want to repeal the health care reform bill.

I say, if the American people put the Republicans back in power in the Senate especially, then they deserve what they get. I do not believe they will be able to repeal it anyway, because they will not be able to overcome a veto. However, if they do succeed in winning a majority in November, I say Democrats they taught you what you should do, obstruct everything they try to do. None of this we are better than that. Sure we are. But we also need to fight this at every turn for the future of Americas health and welfare.

With all this GOP fanfare about taking back the house and the senate the media has gone with it again. It just shows that we now live in a country completely in the hands of corporate feudal lords and they will not give you and me one dimes worth of anything. In fact, they will make sure  the country’s middle class can never rise again. They thing capitalism is the answer to everything. They will find out that their path is going to lead to the death of America.

I have said this before and I will say it again. Nowhere in the Constitution of the United States of America is capitalism given any rights or established as the economic system of the country. In fact, the major concern of Jefferson, Madison and Franklin was that even one corporation was too much. So, where are we now. Where we are now is where we started. We are being taxed at every turn by the East India Tea Company. Every fee, interest payment, set up fee,etc, is a tax disguised as part of doing business. Why is that any different than government need in money to do business.

Sure I have worked for corporations for most of my life. Sometimes treate fairly and sometimes treated like a Piss-Ant with no right to say or do anything but the one job they hired me to do. Sometimes given excellent respect and other times treated as a servent. We all deserve to be treated as humans with needs that must be met. What is guaranteed in the constitution is protecting our health and welfare.

So if you want corporate health care, vote for Republicans. If you want American people run healthcare vote for Democrats or whoever comes along that will guarantee you right to health and welfare without the feudal oversight of a CEO and his Court of Shareholders. You know it costs a whole lot of money to keep a Court fed, drunk and happy.

Am I ranting, YES  YES YES

The Repubics want you to be their peasants and pay taxes to their feudal corporate lords in order to support their Shareholder Elitist Courts.

Response to an MSNBC article comments on DADT

It is ludicrous to say things like I read on the MSNBC comments like, straight soldiers don’t go around saying I am Straight. And to say none of us lgbt people ever served in the military is ludicrous. Iwas in the military-during Vietnam, before don’t Ask don’t tel,l and I would have had the devil stamp of 4F if it had been found out that I was gay. Why don’t all you homophobes just go settle in Montana and leave the rest of us to enjoy our life in the freedom and rights our constitution guarantees.
When are we going to stand up like men and declare the truth. Nowhere in the Constitution does it give the majority the right to discriminate in any way against a minority. Nowhere, nohow. So fight we will till we win, which we will

Democrats will pay in November for failure of DADT

The Democrats are going to pay for this one. They are going to see record numbers of people just stay home on election day. Is that good, nada. But it is what will happen if they do not do something quick. It must be on LGBT issures and the economy. Now or you are looking at a disaster in November, because with progressives and lgbt people dissatisfied, they do not hava a chance.

We may not be that big of a minority but teamed with the progressives, if we both stay home, it will be pure horror.

And now even i believe it.