Upheavel, not Revolution

I have posted numerous articles forecasting revolution. Some of you have taken that to mean I want a revolution in America. The truth is I think we are a long way from any kind of violent revolution.
What I do think is near is a period of uprisings some of which could be violent. Especially those triggered by income and wealth disparity or income stagnation. I look for this to show up broadly ar.ound the election in 2016.
Unless corporations change their policies and start sharing their wealth with their employees by compensating them in tandem with the cost of living, achievement and by equalizing management and worker pay, they are in for a rough ride. This is happening even without strong unions. This is across the board, not just manufacturing blue collar shops. The patience of the American worker and their tolerance for income stagnation is getting very short. It’s not just a minimum wAge problem it’s a wage stagnation problem that must be addressed. If it’s not addressed soon by the corporations finally realizing that their employees are as important as their stockholders and CEOs, then the government and the citizens will do it for them.